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2021 Sixth Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Join us for our 6th Annual Patriots and Paws Golf Tournament at the beautiful Tustin Ranch Golf Club in Tustin.  We had to postpone as the world was closed in 2020 and we have scheduled for 2021 on Monday, May 10th.  We had so much fun there in 2019, we decided to play there again,

In 2019, because of the participation and generous donations Patriots and Paws raised over $32,000 to reduce psychological and financial stress to our Veterans as they transition into civilian life and Active Duty, Reservists as they are returning from deployment, by providing basic home furnishings and necessities at no cost, resulting in hope and dignity.

Because of your participation in this special event, you allow us the ability to continue our mission and help even more Veterans.

In 2019, we accomplished the tremendous goal of serving 1114 Veterans, Active Duty, Reservists with practical home furnishings.

Thank you for considering playing in our tournament. Your participation in this year’s charity golf tournament is greatly appreciated!

Can’t make the tournament, we have other ways you can support us:

  • Sponsorship of tournament various levels available.
  • Donate an auction item.
  • Sponsor a Veteran to play.
  • Join us for our fundraising lunch right after the tournament.
  • Make a cash donation.

We hope to see you at Tustin Ranch Golf Club, on Monday, May 10, 2021.

Penny Lambright - CEO & Founder Patriots and PawsSincerely,


Penny Lambright
Founder, Patriots and Paws

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